GrantUSC Electronic Research Administration System (USCeRA)

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Objective: Learn USC's internal proposal submission and approval process via USCERA, the web-interface electronic research administration system.

Intended Audience: Administrative and other support staff, faculty and graduate students involved in the administration of research, training or other sponsored projects funded by extramural sources.

Access the Presentation: The complete course includes modules 1-15. Print the Quick Reference Materials prior to beginning your session.

Registration Module - "Step through" the USCERA registration process.
Login Module - "Step through" the login process.
My Profile Module - Learn how to update your contact information, change your password, add e-mail addresses.

Create New Proposal Module - "Step through" the process of entering a proposal into USCERA and completing the Proposal/Award Processing (PAP) form
Collaborations and/or Effort Form Module - "Step through" completing the Collaborations and/or Effort Form, a USCERA. supplemental form

Cost Share Form Module - "Step through" its completion process
Centers/Institutes Form Module - "Step through" its completion process
Financial Interest Form Module - "Step through" its completion process
Federal Approval Form Module - "Step through" its completion process
Certification Form Module - "Step through" its completion process
Internal Commitment Form Module - "Step through" its completion process

Upload/Manage Documents Module - "Step through" uploading documents into USCERA.
Routing Process Module - explains the internal routing process for sponsored programs at USC.
Search Proposals Module - explains how to search for and locate proposals within USCERA

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