GrantGRANT Certificate Program

The Gamecock Research Administrators Network Training (GRANT) program is a comprehensive, certificate training program developed to meet the University of South Carolina's research administration needs. GRANT consists of three skill level-based tiers designed to complement the national standards established by NCURA (National Council of University Research Administrators).

To earn a GRANT certificate, participants must complete 41 hours of instruction (consisting of 14 courses-- 8 from the Beginner Tier and 6 from the Intermediate Tier), then pass the final comprehensive exam. A complete program of courses is offered during each fall semester. Participants complete all the required instruction during the semester and take the final comprehensive exam at end of that same semester. A graduation ceremony is held annually each February to recognize participants and present certificates.

    Beginner   BEGINNER
The Beginner Tier consists of 8 required courses designed to develop participants' competencies in basic
research administration topics.
    Intermediate   INTERMEDIATE
The Intermediate Tier offers 8 courses that build on the knowledge base acquired in the Beginner Tier.
    Advanced   ADVANCED
The Advanced Tier offers Continuing Education courses designed to keep GRANT Graduates and other
faculty and staff current on research administration "hot topics."
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